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Photo of a chewing gum menu at the checkout counter in a supermarket in Austria (in the city of Freistadt) | Photo author: Jiří Samuel | Article: Chewing gum in Austria | Health Chewing Gum (

Chewing Gum in Austria

Out of curiosity, I went to Austria to see how our neighbors are doing with commonly available chewing gums and healthy chewing gums. They have a wider selection. Customers perceive the benefits of Xylitol chewing gums more. There is also a larger offering of healthy chewing gums visible. Austrians value organic food (and natural food), …

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Xylitol is a sweetener found in nature. It is considered a healthy sugar because it does not harm teeth. That’s why manufacturers nowadays use it in the production of healthy chewing gums and candies. Xylitol Xylitol is a natural sweetener also known as wood sugar or birch sugar. It belongs to the group of sugar …

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Effective Diet

Effective chewing as a diet confirmed. New research by Adam van Casteren in 2022 indicates an increase in metabolism rate by 10-15%. Chewing literally has energetic and evolutionary significance. What causes the energy expenditure? | Independence of study | Gum Reduces Appetite | Sources of Article Effective Diet According to this study, chewing in human …

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A young girl (woman) blowing a bubble gum with a joyful look in the foreground, her face with her hands as the main subject | Source: | For Website: | For the article: The main reasons for chewing

Main Reasons for Chewing

The main reasons for chewing gum are fresh breath, healthy and clean teeth, stress relief, increased concentration during work, exams, training, matches, performance. Chewing gum prevents tooth decay. Chewing gum can help speed up your metabolism and reduce your weight – eliminating your addiction to sweets and excess calories. Main Reasons for Chewing Gum To …

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Photo of a man chewing gum with his arms outstretched to both sides wearing a t-shirt with arm tattoos on a light purple background | Source: | For the article: Chewing reduces stress | For website:

Chewing Reduces Stress

Research shows that chewing can reduce stress (at work – work stress and generally outside), fatigue, anxiety, and can even help with depression. Chewing can also lead to a more positive mood. I know it is, I have experienced it myself many times. Reduction of Stress Reactions | Supplementary Therapy | Tension and Stress Relief …

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