Chewing Gum Definition

The definition of chewing gum takes many forms. I’d like to introduce at least the basic ones to you, along with a few interesting facts as a bonus 🙂

Chewing Gum = Bubble Gum

  • Chewing gum is bubble gum.
  • Chewing gum is a treat that is chewed and is popular worldwide.
  • Chewing gum is a sweet substance with many flavors.
  • Chewing gum in the mouth eventually turns into tasteless and odorless gum (it loses its flavor by chewing).
  • Chewing gum is often found in the form of scented sheets and pads.
  • Chewing gum often takes the shape of a rectangle (sheet – called stick gum in English).
  • Chewing gum is considered an omnipresent treat.
  • Chewing gums are sweets meant for chewing, not swallowing. The production of chewing gums involves mixing gum base with sweeteners and flavors.

Other Definitions of Chewing Gum (Text Expressions)

  • Chewing gum is also referred to in the English as bubble gum or gum.
  • In the Czech language we have these 4 another expression (slang terms) as žvejka, žvejkanda, žvýkací guma, and žvyksna.

Sources of the Chewing Gum Definition

  • Book: “Příběhy žvýkací gumy” (Stories of Chewing Gum) written by the authors Jiří Polák and Miroslav Nikl
  • About Chewing Gum – Link to Wikipedia

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