Declining Interest in Chewing Gum

Do you know why the American chewing gum sales decreased by 15% over the span of 10 years from 2007 to 2017? I would bet that the same effect occurred in Europe or the Czech Republic with a slight delay.

Smartphones Reduced Interest in Chewing Gum

It’s simple. People in this period were buying a large number of mobile phones – reportedly 220 million adult Americans who purchased their first smartphones.

And what were/are they doing with smartphones?

When people stood in line at the store, they spent time browsing treats for sale at the counter, and chewing gum was a clear choice. Suddenly, they spend that time playing with their phones. Chewing gum sales declined.

The impact of smartphones is enormous. Many people are dependent on their smartphones. They don’t perceive the world around them, and from my own experience, I can say that frequent use of the phone degrades you morally and mentally. That is, it reduces your potential. As you don’t perceive, you engage your autopilot and entertain yourself with something that doesn’t develop you in any way. It’s not a problem if it’s just relaxation that doesn’t exceed a certain limit. However, if it’s 2-3 hours a day, you should think about it. Choose a different way to relax. For example, reading books or returning to one of your hobbies. And if you didn’t have any, it’s okay. Find something you enjoy, where you can use your potential so that you won’t blindly stare at the screen but create something!

Create, think, be active 🙂 Chew 🙂 Chewing gum will help you concentrate better, relax, manage your appetite, help you with digestion, improve your oral health and reduce stress by chewing.

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