Types of chewing gum

Chewing gums are sold in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. There is no standard type of chewing gum. In the Czech Republic, the most common forms of chewing gum are in the form of dragees (i.e., flattened shape with a glossy coating) and stick gums. Let’s take a look at other types of chewing gums available.

Chewing gum is a combination of 2 components:

Types of Chewing Gums

Bubble Gums – have the ability to blow bubbles due to their film-forming properties.

Sugar-Free Gums – sugar is usually replaced with artificial sweeteners that provide the taste.

Healthy Chewing Gums – are sugar-free and sweetened exclusively with xylitol (xylitol gums) – a natural sweetener without other artificial sweeteners or colorings (without controversial chewing gum additives) that could be harmful to health.

Ball Gums – these gums are shaped like a ball. It’s one of the most popular types of chewing gums.

Painted ball gums in packaging, source: shutterstock.com, Article: Types of Chewing Gums, Website: zdravezvykacky.cz (Healthy Chewing Gums)
Painted ball gums in packaging

Center-Filled Gums – gum filled with soft material, usually some flavored liquid.

Stick Gums – thin and flat gums, usually rectangular in shape.

Ribbon Gums – longer gum rolled into a cylindrical package. The consumer tears off as much as they want, and the rest remains in the package.

Painted bubble gums, source: shutterstock.com, Article: Types of Chewing Gums, Website: Healthy Chewing Gums (zdravezvykacky.cz)
Ribbon Gums

Tab Gums – a gum that is shorter and thicker than stick gum.

Tube Gums – or also known as spaghetti gums are supplied in a tube, and the gum inside the tube is very soft.

Dragees – the most popular format of chewing gums. It’s a coated pellet in the shape of a cushion, often packaged in blisters.

Painted dragee chewing gum, source: shutterstock.com, for Article: Types of Chewing Gums, Website: Healthy Chewing Gums (zdravezvykacky.cz)
Dragee chewing gum

Wrapped Gums – wrapped gum, and the cut piece usually has the shape of a cube or cylindrical shape, depending on the machine that wraps it.

Painted wrapped chewing gum, source: shutterstock.com, Article: Types of Chewing Gums, Website: Healthy Chewing Gums (zdravezvykacky.cz)
Wrapped chewing gum

Functional Gums – gums with a practical function – the gum is with vitamins and minerals or something else beneficial for the body.

Medicated Gums – gums that deliver medicinal substances into the bloodstream faster than pills.

Nicotine Gums – are intended for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes. These gums contain a small amount of nicotine, which is gradually released into the body, aiding in smoking cessation.

For dental hygiene, there are several types of chewing gums. There are gums for teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and fresh breath.

Most Popular Flavors

Other Types of Chewing Gums

  • mint, peppermint,
  • cinnamon, licorice,
  • sour apple, cherry,
  • grape, orange,
  • melon, strawberry,
  • lemon, and
  • blueberry.
  • antioxidant gums,
  • dental gums,
  • dietary,
  • energy,
  • thirst-quenching gums,
  • herbal, and
  • vitamin gums.

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