Effective Diet

Effective chewing as a diet confirmed. New research by Adam van Casteren in 2022 indicates an increase in metabolism rate by 10-15%. Chewing literally has energetic and evolutionary significance.

What causes the energy expenditure? | Independence of study | Gum Reduces Appetite | Sources of Article

Effective Diet

According to this study, chewing in human subjects represents a measurable energy expenditure. Chewing gum speeds up metabolism by 10-15% according to the research. Expenditure increases based on the hardness of chewing gum. The harder the gum, the higher the expenditure.

What causes the energy expenditure?

This high expenditure is caused by large chewing muscles, which raise the lower jaw, temporalis, chewing muscle, and medial pterygoid muscle. Chewing action also involves the tongue, which constantly pushes food onto the molars for further grinding and buccinator, which contracts, causing facial tension and pushing food into the occlusal path of teeth. Chewing thus involves a set of many muscles that will be involved to varying degrees in food processing.

Study – 1 – Adam van Casteren et al. (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, European Research Council)

Independence of the study

The study was funded by the European Research Council, the Max Planck Weizmann Center for Integrative Archaeology, and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. It is not a study intended to promote chewing or gum sales. And the authors declare that they have no competing influences.

Gum Reduces Appetite

Gum can reduce appetite (diet) and suffice richly when it comes to just sweets.

According to a study by the Glasgow Caledonian University, those who chew gum for 1-2 hours after lunch have a significantly lower desire to consume sweets than those who do not chew gum at all. Of course, it was tested on a larger group of healthy individuals – one group was given gum and the other was not.

Gum can suppress appetite, especially the craving for sweets. This suggests the recommendation of gum as part of weight reduction.

Study – 2 – Glasgow Caledonian University (2007)

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