Main Reasons for Chewing

The main reasons for chewing gum are fresh breath, healthy and clean teeth, stress relief, increased concentration during work, exams, training, matches, performance. Chewing gum prevents tooth decay. Chewing gum can help speed up your metabolism and reduce your weight – eliminating your addiction to sweets and excess calories.

Main Reasons for Chewing Gum

To make the most of all the benefits of chewing gum, it is necessary to follow a few rules – When is the best time to chew gum?

What chewing will bring you for main benefits:

  • To refresh your breath.
  • For healthy and clean teeth (dental hygiene).
  • One of the newest reasons is that healthy gums have also begun to appear on the market, where manufacturers use more complex production processes and higher-quality ingredients that are not harmful to health.
  • Chewing reduces stress and increases concentration at work (relieves muscle and mental tension).
  • Most people reach for gum after meals and also when they are overwhelmed with work and need to concentrate.
  • Weight loss and getting rid of excess calories (effective diet), as chewing reduces appetite, and according to a new study, it leads to a significant increase in metabolism by up to 15% (according to new research). Chewing gum can replace your addiction to chocolates or other sweets.

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