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Chewing gum deserves our attention. They lost it a little over time. They became a common commodity. What you should discover is their better version, i.e. healthy chewing gum. For a few crowns, you get something in your mouth that money simply cannot buy. A healthy smile, healthy teeth, healthy gums, well-being, better concentration, digestion, diet, and you and those around you will also enjoy it. Everyone will find a chewing gum that will make them happier and healthier.

Healthy Chewing Gum

We don’t pay attention to what we have enough of. That’s how it is. Off-the-shelf chewing gum has become a common commodity. They are ubiquitous and can be bought anywhere. But you have a unique opportunity to discover something you may not have noticed yet – healthy chewing gum. You ask if they really exist. YES! See for yourself.

Healthy chewing gum is a wonderful sweet that can be very beneficial for your health. Discover all the benefits of healthy chewing gum. Find the right ones. It is not hard. If you want to find something better, like good vegetables – you have to know where to go. Look for healthy gums (especially sugar-free gums – xylitol gums). Don’t just buy what is readily available in every supermarket. You will have to choose the chewing gum.

We wish you good chewing!

Image of xylitol sugar (birch) with the description Xylitol on a gray background, for the article: Xylitol, for the website healthchewinggum.com (Health Chewing Gum), source: shutterstock.com


Xylitol is a sweetener found in nature. It is considered a healthy sugar because it does not harm teeth. That’s why manufacturers nowadays use…

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Photo of a fork with a tape measure wrapped around it on a pink background for the article Effective Diet, source: shutterstock, article: Effective Diet, for the website: Health chewing gum (healthchewinggum.com)

Effective Diet

Effective chewing as a diet confirmed. New research by Adam van Casteren in 2022 indicates an increase in metabolism rate by 10-15%. Chewing literally…

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A young girl (woman) blowing a bubble gum with a joyful look in the foreground, her face with her hands as the main subject | Source: shutterstock.com | For Website: HealthChewingGum.com | For the article: The main reasons for chewing

Main Reasons for Chewing

The main reasons for chewing gum are fresh breath, healthy and clean teeth, stress relief, increased concentration during work, exams, training, matches, performance. Chewing…

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The image shows white powdered Aspartame in a dish ans chemical formula of aspartame against a grey background | Source: shutterstock | For the article: Is Aspartame Carcinogenic? | For the website: healthchewinggum.com (Health Chewing Gum)

Is Aspartame Carcinogenic?

Do you know how your favourite diet soda achieves that perfect sweetness without the guilt of extra calories? It’s “Aspartame”, a widely used non-nutritive…

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Photo of a man chewing gum with his arms outstretched to both sides wearing a t-shirt with arm tattoos on a light purple background | Source: shutterstock.com | For the article: Chewing reduces stress | For website: HealthChewingGum.com

Chewing Reduces Stress

Research shows that chewing can reduce stress (at work – work stress and generally outside), fatigue, anxiety, and can even help with depression. Chewing…

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A large stack of factory white dragee gum from a strip straight from the gum factory | Source: commons.wikimedia.org | Author: Deror_avi | For the article: Chewing gum production | For website: HealthChewingGum.com

Chewing Gum Production

Chewing gum may be small in size, but it’s certainly not easy to make. Its production involves a lot of work, including special equipment,…

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